Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

Will You receive your invitation?

We will be sending paper invitations by June 2011. Do we have your correct mailing address on file? Please make sure we have your correct address -- phone, send e-mail, or use the "Contact Us" form on this website.

Why is this important? Not only do we want to make sure you get your invitation, but we will be putting together a Class List for the reunion, and we want to make sure it is as correct and complete as possible.

People move around -- please make sure we are in contact with all the classmates you know of.

Check the "missing" lists often! - As we are getting some invitations back from the post office, we are discovering that some of the addresses we thought we had are in fact out of date. We do not always get helpful information from the post office. We need your help in tracking folks down!

Thank you!

Click here to check the "missing" lists.


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