Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

We had a ball!

We will be posting comments and photos from the reunion in the coming weeks. Please send your own thoughts and photos to scribe@overtonfirst.net

Photos by Lisa


Class of 62

Meanwhile, Lisa LaFarlette '83 and her assistants did a great job capturing the events for you. See her gallery of photos at


where you can order copies of the photos. Lisa is offering special pricing through May 30, 2012, and some "packages" that include an optional CD with all the pictures together.

See her special sale flyer by clicking here.


Class List and Online Directory


Composite class of 62

You can order a copy of the Overton First Directory of Classes 1962-1965 while supplies last.

Directories change, you may be moving yourself, as many of us are downsizing of moving to retirement addresses. To keep up with everyone -- and to help us keep up with you! -- please register at http://www.graduateconnections.com/overton where you can update your profile for free and see notices posted for your class. If you would like access to the entire directory for all 50 classes of Overton, it's only $9.95 per year. This is online access to the directory assembled last year by Harris Connect for Overton.

One copy of the Program Book and Class List from the Overton Reunion 2012


Class Gift


Friday at the gym We are still accepting donations for the Class Gift. We have gathered nearly $5000 of the $7400 required to reimburse the school for the gym floor cover. Donations are tax deductible. Please join us in making this wonderful gift to the school, allowing them to use the gym as a multi-function space -- like hosting our reunion! We were able to walk, dance, and sit at tables and chairs on top of the playing floor, protected by the blue OvertonFirst gym floor cover.

Make a donation in any amount to our Class Gift to Overton High School Memphis

Your donation is tax deductible.

Scribe at overtonfirst.net, or (877) 560-9809


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