Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

Remember When

written in 1962, as printed in the Overton Senior Class of 1962 graduation edition

Amidst all the helter-skelter rush and last minute preparations and arrangements for graduation, the Seniors should take a fe moments out for a backward glance a some of the outstanding events and experiences of the past three years, and say "Remember When"

The day Miss Parker swallowed a fly in Spanish class.

Eating lunch in our first "lunchroom"

Mr. Kitterman's "Biology class" -- where he attempted to make young adults out of us.

Alice's puppy in sixth period English

The Rebel Rollers midnight capers.

Marilyn Eakin as Miss Niagra Falls.

Mrs. Drake's sandwiches at the snack bar and Coke machines in the halls.

Snow ball fights during class.

The torn tennis shoes and wild colors on Beatnick Day.

Homecoming game with mud three inches thick everywhere, even on stands.

The girls' locker room in the tenth grade.

Honor Society induction.

Throwing pennies in "Swayzee's hat fountain."

Senior skip day.

Overton Plantation Parties.

Coach Brown's all-girl study hall.

The times O.H.S. beat East (twice in basketball).

Water gun fights.

Art classes taking wild excursions into the deep, dark jungle behind the school.

Janie Greenfield and Bonnie Lendermon in the chemistry lab.

The day the boys went home without their colored socks.

Mr. Phillips touching the "hot ice."

"Over the Top" Overton's first fight song.

Gay's KAT and DUCK.

The fragrant odor of rotten eggs that wafts from the chemistry lab every now and then.

The day class rings were handed out and all the Juniors (both years) acted as if they would never wash their hands again.

The "happy days" spent in high school at Colonial.

The water fights in the chemistry lab.

The wooden sidewalk across the "sea of mud" in the 10th grade.

The fires in the second floor boys' rest room.

The melodious notes of a "purple-spotted turtle dove" floating out of the study hall at noon.

The "gigantic" library that filled the needs of Overton's first student body.

The frozen students in unheated classrooms.

Our first play -- "No More Homework" -- too bad it wasn't real.

The time the paper staff played ring-around the room.

The day the paper staff solved the problem of how many students can get into a phone booth.

The mice in some of the radiators.

The nine different English teachers for one class in the eleventh grade.



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