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Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

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Remember When?

Remember when the Class of '62 graduated in the brand new Auditorium, having been seniors for three years? See the complete script of the ceremony, including all speeches and awards! It was not in the yearbook, which had already been printed. Can you please send photos from the graduation?

Remember when just before the school was finished the powers-that-be were going to name the school after the street it was on, which at the time was SKIPPY LANE.   The community protested, and WON.

Remember when in the fall of 1959 the building wasn't quite ready and we went to classes at Colonial Jr. High?

Remember when they first opened the building and send us to classes at Overton, but the heat wasn't yet working. We went to classes wearing our coats.

Remember when there was no cafeteria in the partially-opened school? You could buy candy bars and Luden's cherry cough drops in the supplies store, but you'd better bring your lunch!

Remember when Coach Don Robinson would say after another game lost... "Men, we didn't lose ... we just ran out of time."

Remember when we learned to play instruments with Mr. Walker at Colonial Junior High? The 1959 Colonial Band was featured in First Chair of America!

Remember when the Future Homemakers of America published their 1962 cookbook, Tasting Tea?

Remember when we had senior laughs over the school intercom?

Remember when the Seniors in 1962 published a "Remember When" column?

Remember when there were a series of small signs along the highway that revealed a clever verse, advertising a shaving cream ... Burma Shave?

Remember when there were fewer protections and more consequences

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