Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class of 1962 T-Z

as published in the school paper, graduation edition

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Linda Tatum leaves her formula for bottles gray hair to Sandy Myers

Dorothy Teague leaves her study hall group the most scrumptious menu that Mr. B. can give his usual approving look to.

Champ Thomas leaves the suggestion that next year the Juniors should vote on the band for the Prom.

Richard Thomas leaves his locker to a deserving sophomore.

Tommy Thomasson leaves his ability to play last chair second clarinet to Buddy Light, who plays first chair first.

Bill Thompson leaves his books to any Junior who needs an extra set.

Bill Tomlinson leaves his "tight skirt" to Linda Derrington. "Back up the Student Council and all it stands for."

Joy Tully leaves all her gum to Mrs. Clift -- chew hardy.

Barbara Turnage leaves her brain to Phyllis Pallazini and her legs to Brenda Young

Frank Turner leaves to Wayne Pruitt his ability to get along with Mr. Vickery and get A's in his classes.

Jim Umsted leaves to anyone who deems himself capable, his fame as first chair saxophone.

Bonnie Sue Underwood leaves her position on the Library Staff to Carter Flatt.

Johnnie Underwood leaves her chair outside the library door to Dwight Kemp.

Kay Waggoner leaves the long hot summer practices to the new cheerleaders.

Alice Walker leaves her "red face" and her giggles to Richard Tomlinson, and her vivacious out-going personality to Sandra Rowell.

Don Watson leaves the railroad crossing at Southern and Colonial and all his pin-striped shirts to all future train engineers.

Tom Watson leaves Bruce Stewart and Billy Porr bids to A.U. "Get a rocking band for the prom."

Diane Watts leaves nothing -- she's taking Bill with her.

Susan Weatherred leaves her big mouth and "passion flower" title to Susan McRae and her pillow to Betsy Buchanan. "Get a date for the prom early (like September)."

Ronnie Webb leaves all property and representatives of the Board of Education and Overton High School to the student who is best qualified to give it the care, according to my feelings, they deserve. "Don't take accelerated math or eat turnips in the guidance room."

Sherry Webb, as a member of the first period English class of Miss Pierce, leaves her famous motto -- Stay awake, for tomorrow we may have a big test! (See also below)

Jack Whitaker leaves his favorite homeroom teacher to all the school

Charlene White leaves her neat appearance to Sharon Barsotti

Joyce Wilcox leaves and Ultra-Transistor watch band calculator to anyone who wants to be good in math.
"Always remember:
Count to ten
Forgive and forget
Consider everything and everyone."

Elizabeth Wilder leaves her many (complimentary??) nicknames to any bony sophomore who needs to build up their ego, she also leaves her acting ability and her blue hair to someone who enjoys being stared at, and finally she leaves her sungalsss to the first poor soul who gets 2 black eyes.

Bobby Wilkins leaves his well worn (?) "Tale of Two Cities" to anyone who likes to read.

Bob Willey leaves his steam shovel.

Darla Williams leaves her "cancer sticks" to Phyllis Ytzen

Ann Wilson leaves her giggle to Pam Miller. She suggests: Be sure and take PSAT test before trying the SAT and ACT.

Tommy Woodson leaves his place in front of the water bucket to some upcoming football star.

Billy J. Wright leaves to the senior class good luck, long life and happines, and to the students that will follow us, a hard way to go. "I wish that I had studied harder, paid more attention in class, took the good advice given me, and kissed Suzanne Orander the night of the prom."

Margie Wright leaves her tablecloth, paper plates, and book entitled "10 Ways to Serve Meals in Study Hall" to Suzanne Orander for future use.
Never for one minute let your school spirit for Overton die. Be thankful and appreciative of the beautiful school we have. If you had been here to see Oveton at its roughest, you'd truly enjoy the fine school you have. -- Margie Wright

Frances Yates leaves the red hair that she thought would be blond.

Jerrie Young leaves her Ivy Wardrobe.
Don't take first period English! (It's rough but fun). Stay away from Study hall -- it's dangerous, ask John Moore.
Be good to the teachers. Don't pick up stray cats -- Miss Pierce may have to watch it.
Beware of the swimming pool on the third floor -- someone may catch you! -- Sherry Webb

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