Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class of 1962 P-S

as published in the school paper, graduation edition

A-C ... D-G ... H-K ... L-O ... P-S ... T-Z

Betty Parish leaves her cheer-leading uniform to Nancy Banks (of course a few tucks will have to be made.)

Carolyn Parker leaves her French accent to a future Spanish student.

Marilyn Parker leaves her strawberry blond hair and freckles to Christy Graffin and her small hand writing to Robby Jones. "Borrow 'A Tale of Two Cities' from your Senior friends now, because all the important things are already underlined (especially in Miss Pierce's classes)."

Phil Patterson leaves reluctantly.

Gwen Perrigo leaves her safe-cracking ability to anyone needing it.

Micki Peyton leaves her bow-legged, knock-kneed, pidgeon-toed legs to Miss Linda Derrington.

Patsy Pierson leaves her ratting comb to Joan Gruver.

Fred Porter leaves his old Plymouth to Jeff Tomb.

Al Powers leaves his book, "A Thousand and One Ways to Irritate Miss Fuller and Still Get A's" to a deserving junior.

Mary Jane Preston

Lenny Reed leaves his "spare tire" to Jim Neel.

Gwen Reeves leaves her interests in J.A.

Judy Rhodes leaves her ability to learn to anyone who desires it.

Dianne Roberson leaves her cheerleading ability to Beverly Noah.

Drenda Roberts leaves her office as chaplain of the Senior Class to the next to hold it, with the hope that he or she will appreciate it.

Monty Robertson leaves all his grocery sacks to Mr. Bruno.

Linda Rogers leaves her spare pink toilet paper bow and her "birthday present" to David Logan.

Toby Rose leaves his title of "Steadiest Steady" to George Alverson.

Lynda Ross leaves all her fabulous memories and hopes for Overton to her close friend, Sandra Rowell, and most of all, her love for Overton and the confidence that O.H.S. will aways be the best school anywhere.

Philip Rushton leaves the first half of his secret name to Mr. Phillips.

Freddie Russell leaves this message to junior and sophomore girls: "Hands off Carl Graham!"

Carole Rust leaves her height and her bottle of Clairol to Sheila Stacks.

Sandra Rutledge leaves her "good luck" to Beverly Noah. "Start enjoying your high school days right from the first day ... Don't keep looking for something better to happen. Love every day for itself."

Terry Ryan leaves his ability to tap dance to anyone who will take it.

H. B. Savage leaves his favorite golf tees to Al's Golfdom.

Norma Scott leaves the study hall to fifth period luncheon provided, of course, they don't hang chairs out of the window.

Wilma Jean Scott

David Seaton leaves Overton after a short stay.

John F. Shackelford

Wayne Shappley leaves the other half of his secret name to Morris Austin.

Beverly Shumpert leaves her office of the Overton Business Education Club to someone who will carry out their duties to the best of their ability.

Jerry Sides leaves his football jersey and helmet to Charlie Smith.

Alice Siegfried leaves her hair-ratting ability to Janie Russell.

Kay Sigman leaves her ingrown toenails to anyone who wears pointed shoes.

Cherie Simpson leaves her pony tail to Coach Lee.

Mickey Sims leaves his perpetually in motion bubble gum to Mickey Durham.

Harold Sisk leaves his original musical compositions to Mr. Wilson.

Carol Sisk leaves her volumes of epistles to the library for reference.

Beverly Smith leaves the Presidency of the V.B.Club to anyone who is worthy.

Fred Smith leaves Jud and that's enough!

Betty Smithey leaves her cheerful smiling face to Mr. Hewlett.

Tommy Starnes leaves his Florida suntan to anyone else who can affort such luxurious vacations.

Chuck Stewart gives his U in conduct back to Miss Schwartz.

Dee Stewart leaves her Pepsodent smile and cheery hello to Carol Marler.

Charles Stigall leves his "stomach slide" and his ducky new dance to posterity.

Shirley Strickland leaves her long list of eligible males to Rita Street.

Mike Swett leaves his miniature golf championship.

A-C ... D-G ... H-K ... L-O ... P-S ... T-Z

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