Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class of 1962 L-O

as published in the school paper, graduation edition

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Ann Leatherwood leaves her Trig book with all the answers written in it to Tommy Allgood, who will need it.

Kent Lee leaves his long legs to Steve Betzelberger.

Charles Lee leaves his school trumpet to some poor soul who doesn't mind sticky slides, frozen mouthpiece, valve trouble, and a "shot" case.

Bonnie Lendermon leaves to the next paper staff lots of luck, even more fun, and a hard way to go. (See also below)

Kenny Lenoir leaves "Walto" to Steve Betzelberger and Bill Porr. "I wish I had studied a little bit more, I wish they would take it easy on their dirinking as I have seen some good boys go down the drain."

Liz Lloyd leaves her "favorite" homeroom teacher to the incoming sophomores.

Mary Lockhart leaves her nickname to next year's first chair trombonist.

Richard Love leaves "Lessons in Love" to John Kiss.

Johnny Lynch leaves his water gun to Mr. Phillips.

Butch McBrayer leaves his saddle oxfords to Truck May.

Retta McCandless leaves her permission to flirt with all her 10th grade friends to the library assistants. "Graduation should be down town in order to have more relatives and people there."

Robert McDaniel leaves his ability to skip 4th and 5th period study hall for 2 years straight to the class of '63

Ray McElhaney leaves the honor that has been bestowed on him as wittiest in the Hall of Fame to the person who is chosen next year.

Brenda McFall leaves her beautiful face and her lovely (two) legs to her dearest friend Linda Jo Gear and her pretty nose to Linda's husband-to-be, George Hale.

Ann McGinty leaves her sun lamp to anyone who is smart enough to know how long to stay under.

Lloyd McKinney leaves his musical ability to Bill Weatherred.

Patsy McNeely leaves her title "Little Pearl" to anyone.

Barbara Martin leaves her literature book and all the hard work in it to one of the next students who have senior English under MIss Pierce and be sure to remember all those things that are underlined.

Mike Mauldin leaves the school happily

Melba Corine Maxwell

Martha May leaves her initials M.M. to B.B.

David Mitchell leaves his big heart to all future Overton Seniors

John Mize leaves his glasses to anyone who needs them.

Adelyn Moore leaves her seat in the front of the room in Mr. Wilson's study hall, near the window and blackboard, to Janice Hopper.

Barbara Moore leaves her cheat sheets to the junior with the highest offer.

John Moore leaves! Need we say more

Terry Moore leaves all her English notes to Judy Thomas, and her wonderful history teacher to all the lucky people who get him next year.

Pat Morehouse leaves to Connie Truelove the sincere effort of trying to accomplish some good thruout the senior high years. "I wish that the student council had put into effect the ringing of the bell during lunch so that all who wanted to pray could do so without being embarrassed."

Bronwein Morlan leaves her Trig book to anyone crazy enough to take Trig.

Cheryl Murphrey leaves her personalized (paper-staff produced) charm bracelet to others who like "sterling" steel, paper clip bracelets.

Tommy Murphy leaves his Brill-cream to Johnny Hopper.

Virginia Myers leaves her loud mouth to a future Overton teacher (she'll need it) and her deep interest and affection in Overton, the pupils and teachers, to her brother, Roy.

Jesse Nash leaves to his friend and colleague, Jimmy Moss, his trusty jacknife so that he may carve for himself a niche in the Hall of Fame; to Mr. Hewlett his genuine gold plated rabbit's foot, that it may bring him more luck than it has him.

LaGara Neal leaves her fashion co-ordination to someone who is better coordinated.

Patrick Newsom leaves his love for Overton, the best school in Memphis, to any sophomore coming to Overton.

Sherry Nicholas leaves her place in Vocal Music to another lucky songstress.

Joan Noah leaves her plumpness to Jeannine Shelton.

Gene Norton leaves Jerry, his beloved brother, to the sophomore girls.

Peggy Oates leaves her empty seat in English class to anyone who likes to study at home.

Cheryl O'Neal leaves her nineteen-inch calves to the track team.

Durley Owens leaves his cornbread and buttermilk to Jerry Norton.

Michael Ownbey leaves his dear homeroom teacher, Miss Pierce, to the Rebels in hopes that they will cherish her and regard her in the highest esteem in the following years.
Read, read and read every type of book you can get your hands on. Start early in gathering information about different colleges and decide which one you plan to atend. Don't let your grades slack off.
-- Bonnie Lendermon

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