Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class of 1962 H-K

as published in the school paper, graduation edition

A-C ... D-G ... H-K ... L-O ... P-S ... T-Z

Joe Hamer leaves his great (?) golf ability to Jeff Perrin who really needs it.

Jackie Hammonds leaves his beautiful black hair to Joe Ostby.

Mary Margaret Hancock leaves all her used typing paper to next year's fourth period typing class.

Vicki Harkey leaves her place on the paper staff to someone who can meet a deadline successfully and still remember Caesar.

Billy Harrison leaves his place in the Hall of Fame to a good-looking junior

Jimmy Hight leaves begrudgingly his typewriter to a future typing student of Mrs. Wilkins. "Leave the schol standing."

Laura Hill leaves her name to Carter Flatt.

Kenneth Hodge leaves his "wicked eye-brows" to the sophomore and junior boys so that they can flirt better.

Tommy Hoover leaves the courtyard to Miss Fuller.

Sherri Horn leaves her roll of toilet paper to anyone deserving it.





Jimmie Houston leaves her wad of gum to Patsy Warman

Betty Huggins leaves her long hair to be equally divided between Coach Lee and Mr. Street, and her ability to twist to Mrs. Galloway

Larry Hughes leaves his turn for reading the Bible in homeroom to the new 10-4.

Vince Hughes leaves the D. E. Ledger of the Key Club to next year's treasurer, Robert Heidbrink. "Order about three hundred senior cards."

Barry Humber leaves his cast (of wine?) to Steve Graves.

Donna Hurt leaves all her history tests to someone in Mrs. Gibson's history class next year.

Rozanna Ingalles leaves her Yankee accent, tradition and Civil War heritage to all the Rebels.

Juanita Ivy leaves her last name for all cool people.

Anita Ivy leaves the study hall for a gathering place in behalf of the gang who meets there during fifth period lunch.

Donald Merle Jackson

Ray Jackson leaves his home near the school for the people who like to sleep late.

Gary Janes leaves his book "10 Easy Steps to Pessimism" to the library.

Phil Jenkins leaves his Dad, knowing that Mr. Jenkins will never.

Don Jennings leaves his "name" cards to someone named Nellie.

Carla Johnson leaves her Falcon to Hagen Peters.

Sarah Johnson leaves her baton to anyone wanting to throw it under the bleachers.

Marijean Justus leaves her thimble to Emily Pyron.

Don Keltner leaves his skid marks on the parking lot to all future rodders.

Lyn Kennedy leaves her golden Penney loafers to Alice in Wonderland.

Kay King leaves her sense of humor to Margaret Brackeen.

Sharon Ann Kirby

Kay Koeller leaves all the horrors of having freckles to Susie Curts, and her nickname "Meece-Type" to Paul Winnigham

A-C ... D-G ... H-K ... L-O ... P-S ... T-Z

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