Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class of 1962 D-G

as published in the school paper, graduation edition

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Larry Davenport leaves the smoking tree to Francis Shuford.

Kay Davis leaves Jimmy to the senior girls.

Tommy Dickinson leaves his parking space to some future scooter owner.

Earl Donald leaves his name to the Duke of Physics.

Pat Duffel leaves her position as Business Manager of the Yearbook to Emily Pyron in hopes that she will have more success with the money matters.

William Duke leaves his boomerang to Jerry Chandler.

Marilyn Eakin leaves her title of "Miss Niagra Falls" to all pot-holders.

Sheria Edmiston leaves the lots of luck to the football team next year.

Sandy Edmond leaves her Thunderbird to Janie and Sally Russell.

Marilyn Edwards leaves her place in the lunch line to John Archer.

Sharon Elmore leaves her brown nose and her ability to skip classes to Sharon Barsotti.

Tommy Elmore

Kaye Faford leaves to Elsa Bilkins her membership card to the B.B. Retreat Club.

Linda Fisher leaves to Betty Seaton all her books and her test papers, which she failed, and also her desk in Mr. Street's American History class and her good looks.

Pattye Ford leaves the wish that Overton will always be the best.

Larry Franks leaves his ability to "charm the girls" to Steve Betzelberger. "If you happen to fail a subject go to summer school and make it up. It's worth it later."

Anita Fudge leaves her art kit and her ability to draw to all the art students.

Pat Garmon leaves his table in the chemistry lab to anyone with a good clothespin and a strong nose.

Mary Ann Gatewood leaves her baseball bat to Edna Massey. (See also below)

Jeffrey Gibson leaves his cue stick to the gang at the pool room.

Lloyd Gifford leaves his cowboy boots to Miss Tharp.

Roger "Country" Goodman leaves his nickname to Nat Buring.

Janet Graves leaves her little blue culottes to anyone with pretty knees and nerve enough to wear them.

Linda Grear leaves her big, loud mouth to Jimmy Carter

Jerry Greene leaves best wishes and success to the future baseball team. "Don't wait until the last semester to start studying."

Janie Greenfield leaves her habit of never saying "no" to Donna Smithart.

Donna Greer leaves to Judy Flat her E's in conduct and her seat by the window in Mr. Wilson's study hall.

Patsy Gullick leaves her measles to some deserving sophomore.
"As the old saying goes, If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently. Today I wish with all my heart that I had developed better study habits. No one can make you study. It's something you have to discipline yourself to do. I wish I had.
-- Mary Ann Gatewood

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