Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class of 1962 A-C

as published in the school paper, graduation edition

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Anita Accardi, Pahoo, leaves her hu'a skirt to Karen Bius.

Dorothy Atherton leaves her collection of lockers to anyone who needs them.

Bobbie Jean Austin leaves to anyone who will take it, her old locker, lock, and notebook, and as an added treat, her old young American History teacher, Mr. B.

Billy Bandy leaves his ability to do swan-dives to anyone in Miss Tharp's class.

Anna Jean Bennett leaves the thought that "Silence is Golden"

Ginger Bennett leaves her angelic voice to Donna Smithart.

Marcella Benson leaves to Sue Davis one share of stock in Northern Tisssue and to Morris Austen and Al Powers one share of stock in Peaworthy Typing Paper.

Don Berg leaves first chair flute empty for Judy Thomas.

Dorothy Berry leaves all the A's she didn't make.

Janice Billings leaves her art ability to Phyllis Bivens and her school spirit to the junior class.

Dwayne Bird leaves the senior school spirit to future seniors.

Tommy Blaylock leaves his interest in electricity and cars to the next year's Physics class.

Marilyn Boatwright leaves her Southern accent to Janell Stutler.

Nancy Ann Bogan leaves her witty ways and her chewing gum to whoever can handle them.

Percy Boggan leaves his position as Red Cross representative to some industrious sophomore in 10-4 homeroom.

Bill Boring leaves his place on the second honor roll to a hard-working junior.

Danny Bouchillon leaves his chemistry workbook to Mrs. Davis

Jesse Bradley leaves his height to Mike Hendren.

Peggy Bramlett leaves her sunlamp to anyone who wants a baked face.

Donna Kay Brawner leaves her quiet ways to Jimmy Moss.

Leslie Brawner leaves his place in the guidance office line to Jimmy Davis.

Buddy Brazelton leaves the oil that has dripped from his sports car to all the worms under the road.

Jan Brimer leaves her "No More Homework" script to Sandy Baldwin.

Mary Lynn Brister leaves her brain to any future neurosurgeon.

Tommy Brooks leaves his black shoes to Marion Bull and feels sure they will be amply filled. (See also below)

Sue Brumback leaves her Sego and church key to any ambitious sophomore or junior girl.

Billy Buchanan leaves his mathematical abilities to Miss Fuller.

Margaret Buchanan leaves her whipped cream can to whomever is willing to accept it and to Phyllis Ytzen she leaves all the honor rolls.

Carol Burnette leaves her name to other ambitious name-stealing comediennes.

Ricky Canada leaves his safety pins to Ronnie Harrison.

Wayne Capooth leaves his outstanding athletic ability to all future teams.

Betty Caraway leaves her good view from the art class to the next "great" art student.

Sandra Caver leaves her book reviews for advanced English to Phyllis Ytzen.

Dwight Chaffin leaves his comb to his "two-dab" friends.

Dick Chism leaves his dry wit to Nancy Smith.

Lynda Clark leaves her undying love and devotion for Latin to Ann Milton.

Tommy Clark leaves his camera to Don Ellis

Larry Coleman leaves his baggy pants from "No More Homework" to Jack Burch.

Nancy Coleman leaves Overton in good hands.

Louise Coleman leaves her ability to take home books to Mike Heartline, and her sympathy to all students who failed World History under Coach Robinson

Jo Nell Cooper leaves her acquaintances with C.T. to M.W.

Gay Cox leaves all her lollipops to Claudine Davis.

Agnes Crawford leaves her ability to fall up a flight of stairs to anyone who has the ability to do so. "As you slide down the banister of life, watch out for the splinters."
Next year with the increased attendance, we should try to be first in everything we undertake to do. This means pushing school functions and club meetings, and above all, creating a school spirit that will be presentative of the high standards of conduct set by the first graduating class. -- Tommy Brooks

A-C ... D-G ... H-K ... L-O ... P-S ... T-Z

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