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Watkins Overton High School was chartered in 1959
opened its doors in 1960 to a fresh class of 10th graders
awarded diplomas to its first graduating class in 1962

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3rd Thursday of each month
Overton High School Library
6:30 pm

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List of Alumni Groups by Year

We plan to list all the alumni associations on this page. If you are the webmaster of an alumni site, please send your URL to scribe at

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Class of Contact name E-mail address Website
1962 Joyce Graff scribe at

877-560-9809 ext 2

1963 Linda Glass Dowdy overton63 at

877-560-9809, ext 6

1964 Charlene Foote Edwards

overton64 at

Click for Reunion info

877-560-9809, ext 7064

1965 Sonja Ungren Eccles overtonhigh1965 at

877-560-9809, ext 7065

1966 Becky Milton DeLoach classof1966 at 877-560-9809, ext. 7066
1967 Gene Williams overton67 at

877-560-9809, ext 7067

1968 Dennis Craig dennis at or classof1968 at

1969 Bob Love

Click for Reunion info or Facebook: “Class of 1969 Overton High School, Memphis, TN.” 
1971 Traci Day Wallis classof1971 at
877-560-9809, ext 7071
1972 Joy Nichols classof1972 at  
1973 Karen Edward Fienup classof1973 at  
1974 Mary Collins classof1974 at  
1975 Patricia Owings Taylor and Diane Devoto Day classof1975 at or Facebook "Overton High School Class of 1975 Memphis, TN"
1976 Amy Tucker Swayzee classof1976 at 877-560-9809, ext 7076
1977 Patti Joyner classof1977 at  
1978 Mary Compton classof1978 at see
877-560-9809, ext. 7078
1981 Hing Taylor classof1981 at 877-560-9809, ext. 7081
1983 Lisa Powell classof1983 at  
1986 Arwen Adair classof1986 at overton1985-1988
1987 Greg January classof1987 at overton1985-1988
1988 Joe Martin,
Elgin Moody
classof1988 at  
1989 Myke Newman classof1989 at  
1991 Theresa Bradley classof1991 at 877-560-9809, ext. 7091
1993 Daphne Atkins classof1993 at

overton 1991-1993
877-560-9809, ext. 7093

1997 Deshon Brown,
Alfred Rutherford
classof1997 at  
1998 Laila Wright,
April Jones,
Jeaneen Allen
classof1998 at  
1999 Sheena Clark classof1999 at

overton 1999
877-560-9809, ext. 7099

2000 Cassi Conyers, Kristin Skinner classof2000 at 877-560-9809, ext. 7100
2001 Candis Quinn classof2001 at  
2002 Kelli Finley classof2002 at  




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